Digital PR

If you wait until there’s another case study in your industry, you’ll be too late

About Digital PR

The way people consume news and media has changed, with print media in constant decline as people choose to get their daily news fix digitally on their tablets and phones. Social Media has played its part in the evolution of digital PR, with popular articles being shared tens of thousands of times across Facebook and Twitter. You’ve probably seen it yourself, where several friends have shared a hard-hitting news piece.

Traditional PR agencies seldom understand the digital and SEO value of building links from top tier publications, and while SEO experts do understand the value of a link they rarely have the media contacts and PR skills to land you coverage in the likes of The Sun or The Daily Mail.

At Hesford Media we are experts in creating stories that editors can turn into headlines – and with it, coverage of your brand.

Metro Digital PR coverage

What is Digital PR

  • PR coverage that feeds into your SEO Strategy

  • An analysis of your backlink profile to strategically pursue links with rich SEO value

  • Creation of digital assets such as surveys, research and Infographics

  • Press outreach to get your story into the news – with a backlink

  • Disavowing of links that are poor quality and not benefiting your SEO strategy

Is Digital PR really that important?

Your website can be technically sound and have excellent content – but a lack of quality backlinks pointing to your domain will limit how far you can take your rankings

Do you pay publications for a backlink?

Absolutely not! We are often asked by clients ‘Why would a top publication want to give us a backlink if we aren’t paying them?

Where print publications are restricted to the number of pages they need to fill, online publications have infinite space for news and they need a constant stream of headlines and stories that will appeal to their readership.

They want and need ideas, well written content, new research and data and the opinions of industry experts to comment on headline stories and we provide them with this.

Here are two examples of links recently obtained in Forbes and Contractor Weekly for our clients – helping to build their link profile using Digital PR

Digital PR Coverage in The Sun