Instagram Page Growth

Growing pages faster than Usain Bolt with a packet of Pro-Plus

Instagram Page growth

So you have an Insta page. You follow a few people. Some have followed back. You’re posting a few pictures about your business – now what?

Growing an Instagram following can be labour intensive – doing it well, means having a good strategy, and a strategy is more than just posting every day about what your business is doing!

Example of great SEO

How to grow your Instagram following?

  • Ensure that you’re following the right people – Kim Kardashian probably isn’t going to add much value to your account!

  • Look at the accounts that are following – and engaging – with your competitors

  • Use hashtags effectively – don’t add in a hashtag that isn’t relevant to hijack feeds (i.e if your video is demonstrating how to do a press up, don’t use the hashtag #situp

  • Tell people what the image is about – the copy that accompanies the image is just as important!

  • Engage! Are you replying to comments, chatting to people on other posts or just broadcasting outwards?