Award Entry Writing

If your business is great, we can get you shortlisted

About entering Awards

Sometimes people say to us ‘Entering awards is a load of rubbish, it’s a vanity project, waste of time!’ – but that is because they don’t understand the strategic value of awards, particularly in the context of what they cost to take part.

Most awards are free to enter, although they do normally require you to purchase a ticket to the ceremony. The investment might be typically around £200-300. This may seem a lot, but we will explain why entering business awards should definitely be a part of your marketing and PR strategy!

Red Rose Business Award winner 2013

5 Reasonswhy you should enter awards

  • If shortlisted or if you win, you are likely to gain free press coverage to people who don’t currently know you exist

  • The process of writing an award application often highlights strengths and weaknesses within your business that you had previously overlooked

  • If you win just one award, you are officially ‘Award Winning’ – that one line makes a lot of difference in competitive markets!

  • Winning an award provides an objective evaluation of your business credibility – someone other than your Mum is saying your business is fab!

  • Attending the ceremony is a valuable opportunity to network in an informal setting with food and drinks. Many established decision makers will be in the room and it’s a chance to build relationships with key figures

What does Award Entry Writing entail?

You will normally register an online account and complete an online application form. Sometimes there will also be interviews, presentations or a site visit. Although we can’t attend the interview for you, we can certainly get you there!

Tell me more…

Hesford Media will write your award application on your behalf – at the time of writing, we currently have a 100% shortlist success rate – with clients being shortlisted for a range of awards in various sectors.

We will assess the application criteria, study previous winners and look at the background of the Judging panel if they are known. We will then craft your award entry in a strategic way, that demonstrates scalability, commercial success and an incredible backstory.

Other benefits of being shortlisted might include an SEO backlink from the award hosts, and from publications that feature the runners and riders, and they will likely promote you on their own social media channels too.

National Beauty Federation Awards 2019