Social Media Management

Great content never goes out of fashion, but thinking of so many fresh ideas can make your brain hurt!

About Page Management

At Hesford Media we are experts in managing your Social Media pages. This doesn’t just mean scribbling out a few words and uploading it, job done, but rather creating a strategy and implementing it.

Social Media Managers should be able to create content in a strategic manner and with a specific purpose in mind. Whether that is to generate leads, grow the audience, raise the profile of the brand or drive website traffic – your efforts must have a clear objective of what you want to achieve and how.

Pretty pictures and another post about some work your company did, just won’t cut the mustard in 2020.

Example of a social media competition

Shouldyou manage your own social media pages?

  • Thinking of creative ideas daily can be difficult – especially as you’re running your business too!

  • But it’s more than just creative ideas – do you know which words in your posts will make your performance tank? We do!

  • When you post content – do you have a clear, strategic and commercial objective you’re trying to achieve, or do you not really know when you post something how or why it will grow your business?

  • Do you know the best times to post and regularly analyse and evaluate your Insights? Most business owners simply do not have the time to do this

  • Are you tracking your performance against your closest competitors?

Is Social Media just posting pictures?

There is a great deal more to Social Media Management that just posting pictures and updates about what your business is doing. It isn’t actually about you, it’s about them. Business owners can sometimes be guilty of thinking that every aspect of their business is interesting to other people, which is natural when it’s your own baby! But honestly, an effective strategy should focus on the content your audience wants to see

What does Social Media Management cost?

Every client is different – some prefer to handle comments and messages themselves, but other struggle with this because they are up ladders all day, driving, or with their clients. A slow message response rate can mean lost sales and consumers become more inpatient and expect a response almost instantly.

For some pages, posting 3-5 times per week is appropriate, but other pages have established a more frequent content cycle that they wish to maintain – which of course means the labour intensity is greater and therefore costs more.

As a typical guide, page management costs between £400-750.00 per calendar month to include Facebook and Instagram. While this may seem a lot of money for something you probably think you can ‘do yourself for free’ – you need to consider whether you have the skills and the time. If you are time rich/cash poor then you may be better to learn the skills yourself. If you are cash rich/time poor – get an expert to do it!

Creative social media management ideas