Content Writing

Because coming up with well-researched, well written, high ranking content on your own is bloody hard work!

About Content Writing

Not everyone is a natural copywriter, and even those with a talent for the written word, struggle to adapt their content for an online audience.

Blogging is an art. Your content writing needs to be engaging, digestible and most importantly – written with search engine optimisation (SEO) at the forefront of your mind.

When we write online content, we start by looking at Intent, Keywords, and Search volume. Every post should have a purpose that ultimately leads to the reader taking an action that is meaningful to your business.

Example of content writing

How do we write ? content?

  • We start by looking at the intent behind why someone is interested in your product

  • We analyse the keywords people are searching for in your sector

  • We look at the search volumes for those keywords and keyphrases

  • We write content that is optimised for your keyword or keyphrase

  • We measure and monitor whether that content piece is having a positive SEO impact

Why do Hesford Media do content writing so well?

If you want to be found by search engines, then you are going to need to optimise your website page by page. SEO services can help you achieve this.

Is content writing worth the effort?

Absolutely. If you are a small mattress company, you will probably never rank for ‘double mattress’ – there is too much competition. But you might rank for ‘double mattress to help with overheating at night‘. While the volume of users actively finding a solution to this problem using search engines might only be 100 per month, if 10 of those converted into a sale that would have a meaningful impact on your business.

Now assume you have a dozen other blog articles, each generating 10 visits per month from people actively looking for a solution to their problem. Suddenly these small numbers start to stack up to bigger numbers, and you start seeing an uplift in sales as a direct result of strategic content writing that is optimised for search.

Example of Fashion industry Content Writing