Facebook Advertising

Getting in front of your ideal customer with engaging, CREATIVE ads

About Facebook Advertising

If you’re reading this, it’s because you are running Facebook and Instagram Ads, or have some notion that they might be beneficial to your business and you’d like to know more…

And you are right! Buyer behaviour is changing. Searching Google for products and services will always be an important part of the buyer journey, but increasingly, more people are searching Facebook, and responding to Ads.

Example of our Facebook Advertising work

What does Facebook Advertising entail?

  • Building funnels that address your audience segment based on whether they are ‘cold’ warm’ or ‘hot’

  • Testing different conversion objectives – Messages, Engagement, Lead Generation, Traffic, Conversions…

  • Testing different audiences, locations and placements

  • Designing eye-catching Creatives that stand out from the noise

  • On-going evaluation of whether your ads are successful, using Google Analytics

Are Facebook Ads worth the investment?

Facebook and Instagram are the Daddies of Social Media – some businesses rely solely on these channels to generate customers for their business. Whether you are targeting 16 year old girls, or 60 year old men – there’s a pretty good chance they will have either an active Facebook and Instagram account.

Do you ‘Boost’ posts?

‘Boosting’ posts is a ‘light’ option for small businesses who don’t have the skills to create proper campaigns. If you are only spending a fiver here and there, there’s no real harm in Boosting posts – but those with an increased budget should certainly be running their ads as campaigns in Ads Manager where you have better control over your Objectives, create split tests and spread your budget across multiple Ad Sets and Creatives.

When running campaigns we test a lot of variables – do people engage better with a still image or a video? Is your ad more successful with ‘Learn More’ or ‘Apply Now’? What happens if your ad only appears in the Stories placement? Do they prefer the image of the woman or of the man?

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Example of Facebook Advertising Creatives

Example of an eye-catching Facebook Ad Creative