You know where you want to go, but could do with a map!

About Digital Strategy

Do you have a written Digital Strategy, or do you make it up as you go along and hope for the best?

A great strategy should evaluate your current position against your objectives and then map out the actions required for it to be achieved. It’s a bit like a business plan, for your online assets and without one, can easily end up a digital nomad – aimlessly posting content, writing articles and undertaking projects without any real purpose.

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What does a Digital Strategy entail?

  • An evaluation of your current position

  • Key objectives, such as ‘reach 1000 followers’ or ‘increase traffic by 10%’

  • A list of actions required to achieve your objectives

  • Instructions on how to implement your strategy

  • Guidelines on how to measure your progress and KPI’s

Do I need a Digital Strategy

A Digital Strategy is like a map – giving you directions on how to get to your destination.

Can Hesford Media create a Digital Strategy for me?

Yes! All of our retainer clients receive this as standard when they work with us, but many companies who already have their own in-house marketing teams often ask us to prepare this document for them to self-implement.

This is common when your in-house marketing is being handled by a junior marketer, or an Apprentice, or where team are proficient in some areas such as Social Media, but have less experience in others such as Facebook Advertising or SEO.

Costs for a written strategy to implement yourself range from £200-450

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