Paid Social

Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter – get seen in the coolest hangouts

About Paid Social

Paid Social is the collective term given to all forms of Paid Advertising on Social Media platforms – such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter and YouTube.

Most business owners have some idea of what these ads entail – but there are many feature you probably don’t know exist! Retargeting your website traffic (even those who only visited specific pages), create ads only seen by people on an email database, generate leads where you are provided with bespoke information to follow up with outbound sales and much more.

Example of great SEO

Instagram Advertising

Facebook also owns Instagram, which has become a major platform for influence and advertising – particularly in certain industries such as fitness and beauty.

Is Paid Social worth it?

Every business can benefit from Paid Social, but you should evaluate whether the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) stacks up commercially for your business

Are Facebook and Instagram Ads expensive?

The beauty of advertising on Facebook and Instagram is that you can tailor your ad spend to you budget – you could spend just £1 if you wanted to! Realistically, if you are spending less than £500 per month on ads then it is probably advisable to learn the mechanics of the platform yourself or partner with a freelancer than hire an agency as the cost of managing the ads would likely exceed how much is being managed.

If you feel that learning to run ads for yourself is a more cost effective solution, please get in touch with us and we can assist in recommending reputable trainers.

SEO is a marathon and not a sprint