Social Media Strategy

Time to shake it up and start seeing some results with a written strategy to implement yourself

About Social Media Strategy

Perhaps you manage your own social pages, but feel the content has become a little stale. You’re out of new ideas, and you don’t seem to be growing much.

If this sounds like you, but you wish to retain the management yourself, it might be worth talking to us about a Social Media Strategy that you can implement yourself to keep costs down but still achieve some better results!

Social Media strategy visual

What does a Social Media Strategy include?

  • A list of actions you can implement to improve the actual page – rewriting your About section, altering the order of your tabs, changing your bumper sticker and profile picture etc.

  • An evaluation of your audience and the content that has been successful in the past

  • A list of ideas for content that we believe would be engaging to your audience

  • Direction on how to adapt your content for each social media platform

  • Guidance on what to post, when to post and how to post your content in order to have the biggest impact

Why do I need a Social Media Strategy?

Social Media algorithms are constantly changing, and staying on top of the trends and new developments is time consuming. We live and breathe social media and the digital industry so we are the first to know about changes from Facebook HQ (now including Instagram and WhatsApp) so we can help keep you ahead of the curve

What does it cost and how often should I have a new strategy?

We would advise having a new Social Media strategy written every 6 months, and the cost is around £300+VAT.

If you have a marketing Apprentice or Junior marketers managing your pages, this can be a really good way of ensuring that their efforts are effective in growing your page, and should serve as great training for them too to start creating their own ideas based on what they have seen in the strategy.

Sometimes, one strategy is enough to ignite their creativity and get on the right path!

Creativity in your social media strategy is really important