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Digital PR is where traditional PR meets SEO; in essence the pursuit of backlinks to your website through editorially achieved PR coverage.

What is Digital PR important?

While it’s great to be covered in a print publication, they have a very short life span before they are replaced with a newer version. But when coverage is achieved digitally, from online publications this content usually stays online for a long time – if not forever!

A feature in a national online publication might still generate large volumes of traffic many months or years after it is published, continuing to give you traffic into your website long after the piece has been secured.

Do you pay for Digital PR coverage?

No! We get you coverage in key publications and websites through our outreach process to editors and journalists with whom we have built relationships over time.

By offering headline grabbing stories, data, research and exclusive content to hand-picked contacts we have a great success rate in being featured.



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