We hear from a lot of prospective clients that they feel nervous about hiring someone to run their Facebook and Instagram Ads.

They don’t really understand how it works, making it difficult to know which questions to ask in order to ascertain whether their chosen specialist can actually deliver on the services they profess to be an expert in.

Is your Facebook specialist good

How do you know if your expert actually knows how to do Ads?

  • Be able to provide a written Facebook Advertising strategy with a prediction of CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) with some logical rationale to stack it up

  • Ask you about your margins, and how much you can afford to spend in Ads to acquire each sale in order to maintain a profit

  • Discuss with you your strategy for up-sells and lifetime Value (LTV) – how to retain existing customers into repeat purchases is just as important as finding new ones!

  • Look at your website and your Google Analytics to offer advice on plugging holes in your funnel and where you might be leaking traffic – as well as solutions on how to resolve this (without up-selling their own website services!)

  • Be honest and realistic about the results that can be achieved and when. ALL Facebook Ads campaigns required a period of testing.

  • Be running your Ads from your Ad Account not theirs – this is a common tactic by agencies to cloud visibility over the extent of the work they are doing, and to make it difficult for you to terminate their services without losing all your account data

  • Be able to write excellent copy – ask to see ads they’ve done for other people. Are they creative? Engaging? Visually pleasing?

We are always happy to offer free advice on whether Facebook Ads are the right avenue for your business – at Hesford Media we pride ourselves on integrity and honesty. We will tell you if we think you’re unlikely to see a return and suggest other marketing channels that might be better suited for your business