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Nikki has been an active user of Facebook Paid Advertising since 2009 when launching her fashion brand, Made In Preston (for which she appeared on Dragons Den in 2011)

Facebook Advertising has a lot of advantages over traditional advertising – but it is a misconception that Facebook is only effective for B2C businesses! This notion comes from a lack of understanding about how Facebook works and the rich functionality on offer.

Here are just some ways that Facebook might convert sales for your business:

Facebook Custom Audience using Email List

You have an email list of customers or prospects – they may be lapsed customers you want to tempt back, or active customers that you wish to upsell additional products or services. We segment that data and create specific campaigns that help you reach your goals.

For example, you are a Dentist with a large database of patients, and you want them all to know that you now offer Botox and Facial Aesthetics. You can therefore create an ad campaign that is only seen by the owners of those email addresses.

Facebook Custom Audience using Retargeting

This is especially useful for B2B companies – perhaps you are a law firm or an accountant. You are very active on Linked In, you have a great Google ranking, and your website gets a lot of traffic, but not many make an enquiry. We can create Facebook Ads that are only seen by people who visited certain pages of your website – for example, if someone visited a page about Divorce, we suspect they are seeking representation in this area and would target them with Divorce related Ads.

You are not wasting your money advertising divorce, to a cold audience who may be very happily married!

Facebook Core Audience Targeting

Facebook knows a heck of a lot about us! And they harness this data to assist advertisers in matching their ads to the more relevant audiences. If you are looking to shift a bit of weight, believe us, Facebook knows! If you are thinking about looking for a new job, Facebook knows!

We would love to give you a call or schedule a meeting and explain in detail exactly how these advertising strategies can and will deliver a stream of incoming enquiries into your business!

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