Bronze Website Package

Fully project managed, expertly copywritten WordPress websites that perform well

About our Bronze Website Package

Websites are like cars – they can range from £200 up to £100k+ and sometimes paying the top price gives better performance, but you can also pick up a good cheap car that is reliable and functions well. It doesn’t mean that the cheaper website won’t work as well, it just means it doesn’t have the same range of features. There’s just no heated seats, or in car sat-nav.

Many cheaper websites require you to provide all of the copy yourself, which is very time consuming and usually holds up the project. When we create websites, we write the copy for you.

Wordpress website package

What do our websites include?

  • 10 pages all copywritten expertly with SEO in mind

  • All Meta fields completed and all images titled and tagged

  • Google Analytics installed so that you can track your web stats yourself

  • No ongoing costs – you own the website outright (you will need to host the website, costing around £5-10 per month although you do not need to do this via us)

  • Fully project managed with lead times

Ourwebsite advice

How your website functions is a great deal more important than the aesthetics – how your pages are navigated, your call to action, the ability to add pages and self-manage your site without having coding experience

What should you focus on when building your website?

All our websites are built in WordPress – which we believe to be the best option for business owners for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are very user friendly and you can manage your content yourself even if your technical skills are basic.

As an ‘Open Source’ platform, you have access to many plugins that are easy to install without the requirement of a developer. You can edit and add pages yourself, upload news and blog posts and if you do run into any problems, there are an abundance of WordPress experts who can help you.

Our websites are template/theme based with some customisation’s – this not only keeps the cost down, but it means you can easily edit it yourself and add new products and services. Unlike a bespoke website, where you would need to go back to the same developer every time you require any changes, paying an hourly rate for the work.

This Hesford Media website is an example of how your website might look.

Good value WordPress website Blackpool